Sunday, October 15, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 10.10.17

Amongst the usual glut of new releases and reissues we tip our hats to Paris Oi! band Rixe by playing a number of related projects. This week we are the Rixe appreciation society!

The playlist and some notes:

Orkestra Obsolete-Blue Monday (Digital track 2017)

Belgrado-Obraz (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Record album ‘Obraz’ 2016)

Belgrado Bandcamp.

Rixe-Paris Est (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records EP ‘Bapteme Du Feu’ 2017)

Rixe Bandcamp.

Condor-La Mer A Boire (From the self released, self titled cassette EP 2017)

Squelette-Brise (From the self released digital EP ‘Demo 2017’ 2017)

Squelette Bandcamp.

Digital Octopus-Don’t Tread On Me (Digital track 2017)

ESG-Dance (From the 9 Records EP ‘ESG Says Dance To The Beat Of Moody’ 1982)

Big Boys-History (From the BYO Records compilation album ‘Something To Believe In’ 1984)

Wolf Girl-Get You (B side of the Odd Box Records 7’’ ‘Moody’ 2017)

Wolf Girl Bandcamp.

This Is The Kit-Hotter Colder (From the Rough Trade Records album ‘Moonshine Freeze’ 2017)

This Is The Kit Bandcamp.

Suede Razors-All Nighter (From the Longshot/Contra Records MLP ‘Razor Stomp’ 2017)

The Regrettes-Lacy Loo (From the Warner Music Records album ‘Feel Your Feelings Fool’ 2017)

Husker Du-Do You Remember (Demo 1980)

Greg Sage-Straight Ahead (From the Enigma Records album ‘Straight Ahead’ 1985)

The Gonads-That’s Oi (From the Contra/Longshot Records album ‘Glorious Bastards’ 2010)

The Kinks-Rats (B side of the Pye Records 7'' 'Apeman' 1970)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 03.10.17

This week we found musical inspiration in unusual places including a classic punk rock tune via the San Jose Earthquakes MLS team, new music amongst the hen and stag party hell of Torquay and a lost gem via author Gail Thilbert...

The playlist and some notes:

The Old Firm Casuals-Never Say Die (From the Oi! The Boat Records album ‘This Means War’ 2014)

The Old Firm Casuals Bandcamp.

The Len Price 3-Saturday Morning Film Show (From the JLM Records album ‘Kentish Longtails’ 2017)

Leyton Buzzards-Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees (Chrysalis Records 7’’ 1979)

The Experimental-Where Did The Weekend Go (Self released digital single 2017)

Small Doses-Overflow (Self Released digital single 2017)

Teen Mortgage-Is It? (From the Wiener Records EP ‘Strange Times’ 2017)

Teen Mortgage Bandcamp.

Gina X Performance-Nice Mover (Crystal Records 7’’ 1979)

Belgrado-Raz Dwa (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records album ‘Obraz’ 2016)

Belgrado Bandcamp.

Drahla-Burden Of Proof (B side of the Too Pure Records 7’’ ‘Faux Text’ 2017)

Drahla Bandcamp.

The Lovely Eggs-Magic Onion (From the album ‘This Is Our Nowhere’ 2015)

C.H.E.W-Moral Panic (From the Slug Salt Records C.H.E.W/Rash split EP 2017)

C.H.E.W Bandcamp.

The Kominas-Twist That Knife (From the self released album ‘Stereotype’ 2015) 

The Kominas Bandcamp

Lost Cherrees-Yet Still Comes The Rain (From the Fight Back Records album ‘All Part Of Growing Up’ 1984)

We talked about ex Lost Cherrees keyboard player Gail Thilberts new book 'Soap the Stamps-Jump the Tube'. Crowdfunding details are here.

Grade 2-Groundhog Day (From the Contra Records album ‘Break The Routine’ 2017)

This Means War!-Those Were The Days (From the Pirates Press Records EP ‘This Means War!’ 2017)

Brat Farrar-Always You (From the Brat Farrer/Black Up 7’’ 2017)

Brat Farrar Bandcamp

Jackie Mittoo-The Sniper (From the Sonic Sounds Records album ‘Showcase’ 1978)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 26.09.17

After two previous guest presented themed shows things went down hill again this week with Ed and Gentleman Jimmy T back behind the mic...

The playlist and some notes:

They Called Him Zone-I Like Noise (Self released digital single 2017)

They Called Him Zone Bandcamp.

The KVB-Fixation (From the Invada Records EP ‘Fixation/White Walls’ 2017)

The KVB Bandcamp.

Cegvera-Centralia (From the forthcoming Dirty Filthy/LSDR Records  EP ‘Creations’ 2017)

Cegvera Bandcamp.

GBH-Momentum (From the forthcoming Hellcat Records album ‘Momentum’ 2017)

Acid Blood-Full Speed Ahead (From the Janmi Records EP ‘Dagger Eyes’ 2017)

Natterers-Numb (From the Cerial Bowl/Boss Tuneage Records EP ‘Toxic Care’ 2017)

Natterers Bandcamp.

MDC-Born To Die (From the R Radical Records album ‘Millions Of Dead Cops’ 1982)

Topnovil-Nothin’ At All (From the Pirates Press Records split Topnovil/Bum City Saints EP 2017) 

Crim-Doncs Brindem (From the Pirates Press Records album ‘Blau Sang, Vermell Cel’ 2017)

Crim Bandcamp.

Victory-A Piss And A Whisper (From the Pirates Press Records album ‘SOS’ 2017)

Pillow Queens-Olive (From the Specialist Subject Records EP ‘Calm Girls’ 2017)

Pillow Queens Bandcamp.

Rosa Yemen-Herpes Simplex (From the self titled ZE Records MLP 1979)

Mo-Dettes-White Mice (Mode Records 7’’ 1979)

We mentioned the Musicophillia website and their 1979 post punk mix which can be heard here.

Jaded Eyes-One Percent (B side of the Boss Tuneage Reords album ‘Hatespeak’ 2017)

Husker Du-Every Everything (From the SST Records album ‘Flip Your Wig’ 1985)

Village People-Food Fight (From the RCA Records album ‘Renaissance’ 1981)

The Big Moon-Silent Movie Susie (From the Fiction Record album ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’ 2016)

Janet Kay-Silly Games (Scope Records 7’’ 1979)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 19.09.17

It’s time to get your bootz and glitter on again as writer and musican Mark Mcstea returns to #GSHradio for his second glam rock special!
Mark went crate digging for lost glam era classics, current boot boy rock ’n’ roll gems and glam influenced bands for an hour of stompin’ bovver beat tunes.
Listen to Marks first glam special here.

The playlist and some notes:
CCS-Whole Lot Of Love (Top Of The Pops Theme) (RAK Records 7’’ 1970)
Geordie-All Because Of You (EMI Records 7’’ 1973)
Mud-Rocket (RAK Records 7’’ 1974)
Suzi Quatro-The Wild One (RAK Records 7’’ 1974)
Giuda-Hold Me Tight (From the Fungo Records album ‘Lets Do It Again’ 2013)
Faz Waltz-Teenage Monkey (From the White Zoo Records album ‘Life On The Moon’ 2012)
Chunky-Albatross Baby (Orange Records 7’’ 1973)
Hobnail-She’s Just  A Friend Of Mine (Bell Records 7’’ 1972)
The Biters-The Boys Alright (From the Yeah Right! Records album ‘It’s Al Chewed Up Ok?’ 2011)
Bauhaus-Telegram Sam (4AD Records 7’’ 1980)
T Rex-Truck On Tyke (From the Thunderwing Records album ‘Shadowhead’ 2001)
Star Studded Sham-You, Me & T Rex On The Radio (Digital track 2017)
Arrows-Toughen Up (RAK Records 7’’ 1974)
Kenny-Fancy Pants (RAK Records 7’’ 1975)
William Shakespeare-Feelin’ Alright (B side of the Albert Productions 7’’ ‘My Little Angel’ 1974)
Rats-Turtledove (From the Goodear Records album ‘Rats First’ 1974)
Hello-Let It Rock (Arista Records 7’’ 1977)
Barry Blue-Do You Wanna Dance (Bell Records 7’’ 1973)
Rock Rebellion-Lets Go (Santa Ponsa Records 7’’ 1973)
Suede Razors-Ready To Rock (From the Pirates Press Records MLP ‘Razor Stomp’ 2017)
Download the show as an MP3 here.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 12.09.17

This week #GSHradio team member DJ Nony Zero travelled back in time to the sixties to uncover the young, loud, don't give a god damn shit sounds of the wildest garage bands ever to be let near a recording studio-this is punk before punk!

Usually we list the record label and date info of each track we play but for this weeks show you'll just have to listen and take notes as Nony Zero runs though each rare 7'', compilation album or acetate he dug these tracks up from...

The playlist and some notes:

Cyrkit-Yesterday We Laughed

The Savages-The World Ain't Round it's Square

Gonn-You're Doin' Me In

Tremors-Wondering Why

The Benders-Can't Tame Me

Thor's Hammer-I Don't Care

Evil-Movin On

Los Saicos-Fugitivo de Alcatraz

Northwest Company-Hard to Cry

Thee Sixpence-My Flash on You

The Chob-We're Pretty Quick

Merlynn Tree-Look in Your Mirror

Zakary Thaks- Bad Girl

The Cavemen-It's Trash

The Huns-Destination Lonely

The Raevins-Edge of Time

Brothers and Sisters-And I Know

Las Moskas - Vamos A Nadar

The Keggs - To Find Out

The Swamp Rats - Psycho

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 05.09.17

On this weeks show we dug through the crates to bring you some vital current UK post punk and indie pop, payed a visit to the Dischord Records back catalogue, threw some ace Canadian bands into the mix and uncovered some long lost synth and oi! classics...

The playlist and some notes:

The Prowlers-Serial Pousseur (Aggro Beat Records 7’’ 2017)

Alvvays-Plimsoul Punks (Polyvinyl Records digital single 2017)

Alvvays Bandcamp.

Lungfish-Friend To Friend In Endtime (From the Dischord Records album ‘Talking Songs For Walking’ 1992)

Fugazi-Waiting Room (From the self titled Dischord Records MLP 1988)

We talked about the Dischord Records back catalogue being made available on Bandcamp.

Fascinations Grand Chorus-Wait (Silent Stereo Records digital single 2017)

Fascinations Grand Chorus Bandcamp.

Pillow Queens-Wonderboy (From the Specialist Subject Records EP ‘Calm Girls’ 2017)

Pillow Queens Bandcamp.

The Kominas-Banana (From the self released album ‘Stereotype’ 2015)

The Kominas Bandcamp.

The Regrettes-Till Tommorow (From the Warner Music Records album ‘Feel Your Feelings Fool’ 2017)

Belinda Carlisle-Leave A Light On (Virgin Records 7’’ 1989)

Gina X Performance-No G.D.M (EMI Records 12’’ 1979)

TinnedFruit-Robot Alex (From the Automonster Records album ‘Sorry Guys’ 2017) 

TinnedFruit Bandcamp.

Drahla-Faux Text (Too Pure Records 7’’ 2017)

Drahla Bandcamp.

Gang Of Four-I Found That Essence Rare (From the EMI Records album ‘Entertainment’ 1979)

Peaness-Oh George (From the Alcopop! Records EP ‘Are You Sure?’ 2017)

Peaness Bandcamp.

The Press-21 Guitar Salute (From the Oi! Records album ‘The Press/The Radicts-Skins ’n’ Punks Volume 5 The US Connection’ 1989)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Generating Steam Heat radio show 29.08.17

On this weeks show we payed a visit to some of the best current punk and post punk releases and revisited some old classics-enjoy...

The playlist and some notes:

Propagandhi-Without Love (From the G7 Welcoming Committee Records album ‘Supporting Caste’ 2009)

The Generators-Ton Of Bricks (From the Randale Records album ‘Earn Your Stripes’ 2016)

Girl Ray-Stupid Things (From the Moshi Moshi Records album ‘Earl Grey’ 2017)

Girl Ray Bandcamp.

Rats On Rafts-Powder Monkey (From the Fire Records album ‘De Kift’ 2016)

Rats On Rafts Bandcamp.

Belgrado-Kulminacja Oddzielenia (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records album ‘Obraz’ 2016)

Belgrado Bandcamp.

Lurkers-Jenny (From the Beggars Banquet Records album ‘Fulham Fallout’ 1977)

GBX/Angie Brown-Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees (Soitainly Records digital single 2017)

Zeitgiest 77-Jonestown Boogie (From the Nil By Mouth Records EP ‘The Dreams Of Hyacinth Thrash’ 2017)

Zeitgiest 77 Bandcamp.

Moving Targets-Underground (From the Taang Records album ‘Burning In Water’ 1986)

The Ramonas-Speak Up (From the self released digital EP ‘You Asked For It’ 2016)

Rotunda-Rotten To The Core (From the self released album ‘Rotten To The Core’ 2017)

Rotunda Bandcamp.

The Nosebleeds-Ain’t Been To No Music School (Rabid Records 7’’ 1977)

The Smiths-Handsome Devil (From the Rough Trade Records album ‘Hatful Of Hollow’ 1984)

Charmpit-Margot (From the Kroleen Records EP ‘Jelly’ 2017)

Charmpit Bandcamp.

The Subhumans-Clash Of The Intransigents (From the Alternative Tentacles Records album ‘New Dark Age Parade’ 2006)

Ruts DC-Different View (From the Virgin Records album ‘Animal Now’ 1981)

Download the show as an MP3 here.