Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 13.03.18

Gentleman Jimmy T returns from his latest round of detox to fly solo on this weeks show. Jim has dug through the crates to bring you an hour of new tunes and lost classics...

The playlist and some notes:

Viletones-Screaming Fist (Vile Records 7’’ 1977)

The Autumn Stones-In With The Out Crowd (From the self released album ‘The Escapists’ 2015)

The Autumn Stones Bandcamp.

Abigail and Bliss-Hollywood (Tuesdays Gone) (Unreleased track 2015)

Abigail and Bliss Bandcamp.

Doubling Boys-Bad Reputation (From the Primator Crew Records EP ‘Bide Luzea’ 2017)

Rixe-Le Cent Pas (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records cassette EP ‘Cassette Promo’ 2018) 

Chris Spedding & The Vibrators-Pogo Dancing (RAK Records 7’’ 1976)

Wilson Pickett-Land Of A Thousand Dances (Atlantic Records 7’’ 1966)

Lizzy Mercier Descloux-Jim On The Move 9From the ZE Records album ‘Press Color’ 1979)

The Baby Seals-Period Drama (From the self titled, self released EP 2017)

The Baby Seals Bandcamp.

Young Adventurers-Pet Holiday (From the self released EP ‘Short Sighted’ 2016)

Young Adventurers Bandcamp.

Marmozets-Habits (From the Roadrunner Records album ‘Knowing What You Know Now’ 2018)

Runt-Identity (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records MLP ‘Positions Of Power’ 2017)

Jona Lewie-You'll Aways Find Me In The Kitchen At parties (Stiff Records 7'' 1980)

The New Deal-Canning Town Beach (Digital track 2018)

The Saints-The Story Of Love (From the Harvest Records album 'I'm Stranded' 1977) 

Dr Alimantado-Unitone Skank (From the Greensleeves Records album 'Best Dressed Chicken' 1978)

Horace Andy-Skylarking (From the Studio One Records album 'Skylarking' 1972) 

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 06.03.18

The wartime spirit kicked in this week as we battled both the snow and the flu to bosh a show out!

The playlist and some notes:

DeeCRACKS-Shambles (From the Pirates Press Records album ‘Sonic Delusions’ 2018) 

DeeCRACKS Bandcamp.

Sunflower Bean-Crisis Fest (From the forthcoming Mom+Pop Records album ‘Twenty Two In Blue’ 2018)

Sunflower Bean Bandcamp.

Joy Division-No Love Lost (Unreleased version 1978)

PTSD-Line Of Fire (From the cassette EP ‘If You See Something Say Something’ 2017) 

PTSD Bandcamp.

LIINES-Shallow (From the forthcoming Reckless Yes Records album ‘Stop-Start’ 2018)

Liines Bandcamp.

The Baby Seals-Nipple Hair (From the self released/self titled EP 2017)

The Baby Seals Bandcamp.

Dream Nails-Vagina Police (Self released 7’’ 2018)

Dream Nails Bandcamp.

Patti Smith-Gloria (From the Arista Records album ‘Horses’ 1975)

Blondie-Rip Her To Shreds (Chrysalis Records 7’’ 1977)

Kieth Jones-Debbie Harry Lookalike (Unreleased track 2018)

Patrick Fitzgerald-Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart (From the Small Wonder Records EP ‘Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart’ 1977)

No Heart-Come and Gone (From the forthcoming Rebellion Records album ‘Can’t Get Out’ 2018)

No Heart Bandcamp.

Ibrahim Et Les Dompteurs De Tigre-Boom Din Dents (From the self released cassette EP ‘Demo 2017’ 2017)

Ibrahim Et Les Dompteurs De Tigre Bandcamp.

The Faceless Offenders-Destroyed (From the self titled Contra Records EP 2017)

Masterless Dogs-Conquered By Debt (From the self released, self titled digital EP 2017)

Masterless Dogs Bandcamp.

Pillow Queens-Favourite (From the forthcoming Specialist Subject Records album ‘State Of The State’ 2018)

Pillow Queens Bandcamp.

Honeyblood-Swell Love (Digital track 2017)

C.H.E.W-Bread and Circus (From the Post Trash Records album ‘Post Trash: Volume 3’ 2018)

C.H.E.W Bandcamp.

Runt-Parasite (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records MLP ‘Positions Of Power’ 2017)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 27.02.18

After three weeks of themed specials Ed pulled out all the stops this week to present an hour of great new music and lost classics...

The playlist and some notes:

S-21-We’re Done (From the Slugsalt Records EP ‘Operation Menu’ 2017)

S-21 Bandcamp.

The Rezillos-Destination Venus (From the Sire Records album ‘Can’t Stand The Rezillos’ 1978)

The Rapture-House Of Jealous Lovers (DFA Records 12’’ 2002)

PTSD-Short Circuit (From the cassette EP ‘Demo 2017’ 2017)

PTSD Bandcamp.

The Damned-Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow (From the forthcoming self released album 'Evil Spirits' 2018)

Xylitol-(I Don’t Wanna Be) Punished (From the Thrilling Living/Total Negativity Records EP ‘…Is Toxic To Pigs’ 2017)

Xylitol Bandcamp.

Petite-Spent Force

Petite Bandcamp.

Discharge-The Nightmare Continues (From the Clay Records album ‘Here Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing’ 1982)

Gunka-After All (From the self released digital EP ‘Case Against’ 2017)

Gunka Bandcamp.

Dream Wife-Somebody (From the self titled Lucky Number Records album 2017)

Dream Wife Bandcamp.

LITIGE-Nowhere To Hide (From the cassette EP ‘Fuite En Avant’ 2017)

LITIGE Bandcamp.

On The Ropes-On The Ropes (From the self released digital EP 'Demo 2017' 2017)

On The Ropes Bandcamp.

The Primitives-The Osterich (Pickwick City Records 7’’ 1964)

Nico-I’m Not Sayin’ (Immediate Records 7’’ 1965)

Behavior-Settlers Song (From the Iron Lung Records album ‘Bitter, Bitter’ 2017)

Jeff Rosenstock-9/10 (From the Specialist Subject Records album ‘Post’ 2017)

Jeff Rosenstock Bandcamp.

4-Skins-Sorry (From the Deram Records compilation album ‘Strength Thru Oi!’ 1981)

Fuerza Bruta-Unknown title (From the forthcoming Foreign Legion Records 7’’ ‘Somos El Mal’ 2018)

November Onoto Band-The Work and the Worry (Taiyo Records 7’’ 2018)

November Onoto Band Bandcamp.

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 20.02.18 (Gail Thilbert 'Soap The Stamps, Jump The Tube' special)

On this weeks show we have an interview with Gail Thibert about her new book ‘Soap The Stamps, Jump the Tube’

Gails book takes a look at the early 80s UK punk scene centred around her life in London and her  experiences as a member of the anarcho punk band Lost Cherrees. The book also takes in squatting, paganism, her life after punk and much more besides…

‘Soap The Stamps, Jump the Tube’ is due to be published in April by Unbound and can be orderd here.

Many thanks to Gail, Gerard Evans for conducting the interview and Sharon Brown for her help along the way. 

The Playlist and some notes:

Stiff Little Fingers-Suspect Device (Rigid Digits Records 7’’ 1978)

The Adicts-Viva La Revolution (Fallout Records 7’’ 1982)

Hagar The Womb-Dressed To Kill (From the Mortarhate Records MLP ‘The Word Of The Womb’ 1984)

Lost Cherrees-Blasphemy(From the Mortarhate Records EP ‘A Mans Duty, A Womans Place’ 1984)

Rubella Ballet-Ballet Dance (Xntrix Records 7’’ 1982)

Sisters of Mercy-This Corrosion (Merciful Release Records 7’’ 1987)

Pop Will Eat Itself-Can U Dig It (RCA Records 12’’ 1989)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 13.02.18 (Glam special #3)

On this weeks show we handed over the decks to Mark Mcstea for our third glam rock special and Mark choose a mix of great old and new tracks for our best bovver beat show yet...

The playlist and some notes:

Slade-Do We Still Do It? (From the Polydor Records album ‘Old New Borrowed and Blue’ 1974)

Old Firm Casuals-Noddy Holder (From the Oi! The Boat Records MLP ‘A Butchers Banquet’ 2016)

Glitter Band-Rock On (From the Bell Records album ‘Hey!’ 1974)

Hello-Games Up (Bell Records 7’’ 1975)

T-Rex-Metal Guru (EMI Records 7’’ 1972)

The Biters-Stone Cold Love (From the Earache Records album ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ 2017)

Faz Waltz-Rock ’n’ Roll Boy (From the Contra Records album ‘Callin’ Loud’ 2016)

Arrows-Touch Too Much (RAK Records 7’’ 1974)

Cozy Powell-Na Na Na (RAK Records 7’’ 1974)

Chris Spedding-Motorbikin’ (RAK Records 7’’ 1975) 

Yummy-You Really Had A Hold On Me (Unknown label/release/date)

Star Studded Sham-Get Yer Bootz On! (Digital track 2016)

Suede Razors-Bovver Girl (From the Pirates Press Records MLP ‘Razor Stomp’ 2017)

Alvin Stardust-I’m In Love Again (From the EMI Records album ‘The Untouchable’ 1973)

Hustler-Get Outa Me ’Ouse (Firefly Records 7’’ 1974)

Ian Hunter & the rant Band-Dandy (Proper Records 7’’ 2016)

David Bowie & Stevie Ray Vaughan-Hang On To Yourself (Unreleased studio track/unknown date)

David Bowie-All The Young Dudes (From the EMI Records album ‘The Best Of David Bowie’ 1997)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 06.02.18 (Sisters Of Mercy 1983 special)

On this weeks show we were joined by guest Matthew Rochford for his look at the Sisters Of Mercy during the year the band released their most aclaimed work; 1983.

Matt handpicked some choice Sisters cuts as well as tracks by the bands influences and contemporaries on the early 80s post punk scene.

Matt was inspired to put this show together by a recent Quietus article-check it out here.

The playlist and some notes:

Brilliant-That's What Good Friends Are For (Limelight Records 7’’ 1982)

Sisters of Mercy-Anaconda (Merciful Release Records 7’’ 1983)

Sisters of Mercy-1969 (From Merciful Release Records 12’’ ‘Alice’ 1983)

Dolly Parton-Jolene (RCA Records 7’’ 1973)

Virgin Prunes-Decline and Fall (From the Rough Trade Records  album ‘If I Die, I Die’ 1982)

The Gun Club-Death Party (From the Animal Records EP ‘Death Party’ 1983)

Sisters of Mercy-Burn (From the Merciful Release Records EP ‘The Reptile House’ 1983)

Mr. Mehta-Savage Child

Sisters of Mercy-Heartland (From the Merciful Release Records 12’’ ‘Temple of Love’ 1983)

Hot Chocolate - Emma (RAK Records 7’’ 1974)

Sisters of Mercy-Gimme Shelter (From the Merciful Release Records 12’’ ‘Temple of Love’ 1983)

Suicide-Ghost Rider (From the self titled Red Star Records album 1977)

Download the show as an MP3 here.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Generating Steam Heat radio show 30.01.18

Gentleman Jimmy T made a triumphant return to the show this weeks spinning great tunes from Duffy's Cut, Dream Nails, Streetlight Saints, KRIMEWATCH, S-21, Cockney Rejects, Drahla, Joy Division, Rank/Xerox, Furies, Artery, Weeks, Charge, Exit Order, Dame, The Rationals, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Love, Pandemix, Dame and more...

The playlist and some notes:

Duffys Cut-Fade To Olive Drag (From the Oi! The Boat Records album ‘Killers On The Dance Floor’ 2017)

Duffy's Cut Bandcamp.

The Rationals-Leavin’ Here (Cameo Records 7’’ 1967)

Rank/Xerox-Zero Hour (From the Sabotage Records EP ‘M.Y.T.H’ 2017)

Rank/Xerox Bandcamp.

Dream Nails-Fascism Is Coming (From the self released 7’’ ‘Vagina Police/Fascism Is Coming’ 2018)

Dream Nails Bandcamp.

Streetlight Saints-Our Common War (Bash The Fash) (Self released digital track 2017)

Streetlight Saints Bandcamp.

Love-The Red Telephone (From the Elektra Records album ‘Forever Changes’ 1967)

Weeks-Two Fingers Raised (B side of the Contra Records 7’’ ‘Get Away’ 2017)

Weeks Bandcamp.

Cockney Rejects-Oi! Oi! Oi! (From the EMI Records album ‘Greatest Hits Volume 1’ 1980)

Charge-Destroy The Youth (From the Kamera Records EP ‘Destroy The Youth’ 1982)

Drahla-Circuit (From the Blank AD Records EP ‘Third Article’ 2017)

Drahla Bandcamp.

Pandemix-Always Alone (From the Boss Tuneage Records album ‘Scale Models Of Atrocities’ 2017)

Pandemix Bandcamp.

Joy Division-Leaders Of Men (From the Enigma Records EP ‘An Ideal For Living’ 1978)

Artery-A Big Machine ( Golden Dawn Records 12’’ 1984)

Dame-Lines (From the self titled Charm School Records EP 2017)

Dame Bandcamp.

Exit Order-Making Good (From the la Vida Es Un Mus Records album ‘Seed Of Hysteria’ 2017) 

Exit Order Bandcamp.

Norma Tanega-Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog (Stateside Records 7’’ 1966)

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry-Yakety Yak (Unknown label/release/date)

S-21-Stripped Of My Tongue (From the Slugsalt Records EP ‘Operation Menu’ 2017)

S-21 Bandcamp.

KRIMEWATCH-Machismo-(From the self released digital EP ‘Promo 2016’)


Furies-Will You Join Us (From the forthcoming Furies album, label and date unknown)

Furies Bandcamp.

Download the show as an MP3 here